Sea Mills Community Iniatives
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Vision & Values

The overall vision of SMCI is reflected in the following statement: "The churches in Sea Mills working together to make a difference in the community".

For the Café on the Square, SMCI's first project, we aim to meet spiritual needs as well as provide a 'service' to the community. We want the Café to be a place where people can feel welcome, meet others and be listened to. We hope God's peace and presence may be felt in the Café, in the hustle and bustle of a busy day.

This vision for the Café incorporates the following principles:

  • A focus for unity between the churches in Sea Mills
  • A practical expression of God's heart of love for Sea Mills ... and at the heart of the community
  • A focal centre for all sections of the community – young and old
  • A project to engender a real sense of pride in Sea Mills
  • A project run by the community for the benefit of the community ... and making a difference to all those that live in Sea Mills

(Any surplus funds generated by Café on the Square will be channeled directly back into the community, and SMCI already has plans for other projects in the local area).